Sound of the Kootenays Podcast

Sound of the Kootenays – Episode 4

Feature Interview: Allison Girvan

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Allison is a Nelson based choral conductor, music and theatre educator and versatile vocalist.  She has been featured on albums and in concerts with Canadian Tenor John McDermott and released 2 solo recordings in collaboration with her husband, composer Don Macdonald.  She shares her musical story from the earliest days playing the clarinet, through over 2 decades of theatrical musical direction and up until the present where she is the director of numerous Nelson youth choirs and still stunning audiences with her own vocal performances. 

Tyler James

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Tyler is a member of the Corazon Choir under Allison Girvan and in recent years has been following in the footsteps of his conductor and is finding a path for himself in choral direction and musical theatre.  Oh, yes… and there’s a punk band in there too!

Track listing (In order of appearance):

(Intro) – JJNA 5.21.18 T7b (Brand new Kootenay band! Details coming soon!)

Cam Penner – Over & Over  (Website,/ Soundcloud)

Mooves – 12 Grains of Pleasure  (Soundcloud)

Al Woodman – The Rider and The Ride (unreleased)

Allison Girvan – Lagan Love, Youkali, Un Canadien Errant (also clips from Corazon and Fireworks choirs)  (Website)

Al Woodman – Keyed Mind (unreleased)

Tyler James – [YouTube clips] I Get Lonesome (Beck cover)

St. Mtn. – Living Legend

2017 Pantomime Trio – Jazzy Tiger (unreleased)

Deep Valley – Happy Yo (live @ The Royal 8.26.2012)

JJNSA (Yes we’ll find a better name soon) – Bossy Dorsa (probably find a better name for the song too)

Al Woodman – UC Groove (unreleased)

Total Running Time: 1:56:00

Sound of the Kootenays – Episode 3

Feature Interview: Justin Hines

Photo by Al Woodman

Justin has released 4 full length albums in his 10 year career and toured around the world.  When the time came for him to take a break from music, he and his wife settled in Grand Forks BC and opened a board game cafe.  Check out his fascinating story and hear music from each of his albums. Check out Justin’s Facebook Page for more!

For information about Larsen Syndrome you can click here

New Release Feature: Holly Hyatt

Photo by Al Woodman

Holly has just released a new single called River Flows in advance of her solo debut album due out in May 2019.  She dropped by my humble cabin in the valley to chat about the song, the recording and was joined by her father and musical partner Jon Burden to perform 2 exclusive acoustic tracks live!


Track listing (In order of appearance):

(Intro) – JJNA 5.21.18 T7b (Brand new Kootenay band! Details coming soon!)

Sarah Orton – Driftin’

The Hilties – 17th Ave

Holly Hyatt – River Flows, (With You Now*, Back To The River*)
       *  Live acoustic versions

Al Woodman – Funk Jam Emam (unreleased)

Justin Hines – Wish You Well, Say What You Will, Maybe When The Morning Comes, Come Around 

Jason Job – Some Love

Al Woodman – UC Groove (unreleased)


Total Running Time: 1:40:42


This episode is sponsored in part by Sincerity Sound


Sound of the Kootenays – Episode 2

Feature Interview: Jesse Lee

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Jesse Lee is one of Nelson’s busiest musicians playing bass for numerous acts as well as playing solo guitar shows and keeping dance floors grooving as vinyl DJ Rafferty Funksmith.  Jesse tells the story of how he connected with such prominent acts as Brian Rosen and the What Now, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, and what it was like to be named the 2015 Kootenay Musician of the Year. 

(Bandcamp) Jesse Lee – Cook To This 

Sponsor Feature: Sincerity Sound 

Barry Jones – Owner, Chief Engineer and Producer gives an update on the progress of his project with an artist who he is working with and shares a rare glimpse of some of the music that they’re making.  He also discusses other creative projects that are going to the studio in the coming weeks and months.


Music (in order of appearance)

(Intro) – JJNA 5.21.18 T7b (Band details to be unveiled soon!)

How We Fly – Justin Hines (Facebook Official)

Moon Pocket – Diemm  (Diemm Website)

B&A Analog Groove – Barry Jones & Al Woodman

Barely Awake, Ava’s Song – Geo. (audio samples)

How To Be A Person – Shane Koyczan & the Short Story Long  (Shane

Choose Your Choice – Brian Rosen & the What Now  (Brian Rosen – Soundcloud)

Who Invited The Nerds – Jesse Lee  (Jesse Lee – Bandcamp)

Elevator Chase – LINT – Live at The Firehall, Rossland BC Feb. 2015 (Live LINT)

Deep Winter – Al Woodman  (Al Woodman – Soundcloud)

Concrete – Shades of Loud (no link avail.)

Al Woodman – UC Groove (unreleased)

Total Running Time: 1:23:47

Sound of the Kootenays – Episode 1

Feature Interview: Paul Hinrichs

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Paul shares the story of his journey in the music industry, from dedicated live music fan following live bands like Dave Matthews Band and Phish through to his most recent position as the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival’s Executive and Artistic Director.

Sponsor Feature: Introducing Sincerity Sound

Owner and Chief Engineer/Producer Barry Jones gives an introduction to Sincerity Sound – a new audio recording studio located in the Slocan Valley.

Music (in order of appearance)

(Intro) – JJNA 5.21.18 T7b (Band details to be unveiled soon!)

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – Deep Down Yonder    

Sincerity Song – Barry Jones

Jupiter – Shred Kelly

Possum (intro) – Phish – recorded live July 26 2013 @ the Gorge Amphitheater

Sky – John Corrie Van Breugel

Way Down Here (harmonica solo) 

Archipelago – Shred Kelly 

Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top) – Melody Diachun from the new album Get Back To The Groove

(Way Down Here outro)

That’s What Delete Is For – Melody Diachun from the new album “Get Back To The Groove”


Total Running Time: 1:37:19