Al Woodman:

“Using my imagination and my hands to bring ideas to life is the ultimate expression of who I am – who we ALL are.  I love the infinite nature of music.  There will always be something new to learn through communicating with this universal language.  I love the connection of music.  Bringing people together to unite in movement, message, melody, rhythm and spirit.  I love the very idea of music.  That something so personal can be universal, something so raw can be nourishing to so many, something so pure it can only come from beyond us – a divine gift intended to share freely.”

So what does Al Woodman sound like?  His early lyrical and guitar approaches were heavily inspired by the intricate world/folk/fusion sounds of Dave Matthews and his live presentation pays respect to the ragged rawness of Neil Young.  Some other musical hero’s include Tom Wilson (Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings), John Mayer, Jerry Garcia, Ben Harper, Ani Difranco, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Michael Franti, Trey Anastasio and Sarah Harmer… and so many others!

Complimentary comparisons have been made to the sounds of James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Ed Roberts (Barenaked Ladies), and Mike Mills (REM), but in the end Al sounds like Al, and whether it reminds you of something else or sounds totally original, it’s music that comes from the heart.

For Al, crafting songs is all about telling little stories that take you somewhere you may have been once before in a dream or another lifetime, but are still familiar and relevant to where you’re at right now.  Arranging the music around these stories can be a simple as a guitar or mandolin, as gentle as an all acoustic new-grassy line-up or as full on as a full electric band.

Life can bring surprises around any given corner and for Al Woodman, those changes and surprises are what life is all about.  In them is where we find what it truly means to live out loud.  Rolling with the ups and downs and savoring the moment and then stringing these experiences into words, rhythms and melodies keeps Al Woodman in constant pursuit.