Look a light

It felt like it was going to be a good year.

I had a hunch things were going to pick it up a notch this year and so far, that is turning out to be very true.

After a quiet first half of the winter, January of 2016 saw the beginning of a new musical collaboration for me with drummer Robin Sittig.  After numerous musical encounters at random jams over the past few years, a conversation began between Robin and I that pointed to a mutual desire to put energy into making a great sounding recording of original music.  Fortunately for me, he liked my tunes!  We quickly started sifting through and choosing songs, and began working on song arrangements.  We were then ready to conjure up the rest of the group. Longtime musical friend and bassist Jay Buttle and keyboardist Charlie Curtis came aboard to round out the basic foundation of the recording band.  The enthusiasm for the songs quickly ramped up and it was obvious by the effort being put into the music that we might be on to something really cool.  And it just keeps getting cooler!  The rehearsals have taken on a very focused and determined tone with everyone offering suggestions and contributing to the subtleties and nuances of the music.

Then, in true rockstar fashion, the Universe opened the door to an opportunity to try out a new studio near New Denver, and plans were made to spend a day recording a couple of songs to just see what happens.  With 9 songs coming into clearer and clearer focus, the group has whittled down a list of 4 to have ready to go when we enter into the comfortably intimidating space that will preserve a moment in time… a moment we’ve been preparing for intensely for over 3 months.

The vision for the final sound of the group will include lush background vocals as well as violin, electric guitar, horns, and maybe something we haven’t thought of yet.  I must admit that witnessing these songs come to life with the amazing talents of the players who have jumped on board has been humbling, gratifying, and very exciting.  We’re all looking very forward to putting it in front of an audience…  wait…   what?

Yes!!!  We’re going live this summer!!!  I am super excited to bring this group to the stage.  There are at least 2 shows that are scheduled to happen and more that could be added as the festival season approaches.  As soon as I can announce the venues and dates, you’ll be the first to know.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep these kinds of secrets??

Audiences can expect to hear tight arrangements of new songs, as well as some songs from the past.  There might even be a cover song or 2, and room for some extended musical interplay is built in as well.

I guess with all of this action happening so quickly, I’ll have to make sure to post updates more often.  Im so happy to share this experience with anyone who finds it interesting…



light above